Join the Hub

If you would like to join Hub City Fellowship, there are only a few things we ask of you.

  1. Participate in an Alpha Group that lasts 8 weeks for the sole purpose of allowing you to know what we believe.  We do not want you to join something without being aware of what you are joining.
  2. After your Alpha Group we ask that you either affirm your baptism from an earlier stage in life or be baptized into the amazing salvation offered through Jesus Christ.
  3. Finally, you agree to our Worship +2 initiative.  This simply mean you agree to participate in the fullness of worship regularly, be in a Hub Group (+1) and find one other avenue of participation (+1).  The other avenue could be helping with outreach, service, music in worship, prayer, or any number of other opportunities that best fit your gifts and passions.

If you are interested in following Jesus Christ or beginning the process of joining our faith community email today!

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