Sacraments are a Means of Grace by which God’s promised movement, through the tangible, takes place.

These are promises located in Scripture which are connected to visible signs.

Each sacrament is a means of grace because they are initiated by the Holy Spirit to quicken, strengthen and confirm our faith in Christ.

  1. Communion

Is the remembrance, celebration and thanksgiving of what Christ has done for us through the cross and empty tomb by using the elements of bread and juice, which are filled with the Spirit.

All people who believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ, or desire to meet Jesus, are welcome at the table of the Lord.

  1. Baptism

Is declaring by means of water, through the power of the holy Spirit, that you have been forgiven of sin, united to Christ, incorporated into the Church, received the Holy Spirit, and are a new creation.  This is done within the body of Christ – not individually.

Anybody who has not already been baptized may be baptized if they believe in the full gospel of Jesus Christ.  You can be baptized by pouring of water, immersion (dunking), or sprinkling.  If you have already been baptized, God has done a mighty work in you!  However, if you would like to confirm or affirm a previous baptism we will gladly make time for such a joyous occasion.

Finally, growing in the baptismal covenant and in the call to ministry in daily life is a lifelong process and is carried on through all activities.  We commit to walking with you as a part of your faith community, when you are baptized, to move you along in this process through the grace of God.