The Need for the Hub

According to Mission Insight approximately 30% of people within a roughly 1 mile radius of 19th and University have a personal relationship with Jesus.  As you move out another ½ mile that number drops to 20%.  The point here is that between 3 & 4 out of 5 people within a reasonable walking distance of the Wesley Foundation are not Christians.  Within this area the average age is 28 and the Wesley Foundation is designed to reach college students primarily – not young married couples, young career individuals and more.

Therefore, we need Hub City Fellowship because a majority of people in the area are not being reached and many of them do not know Jesus!

The Harvest is plentiful.  The workers are on sight.  We now must use the tools, prayers, blessing and resources within the body of Christ to really farm well.



God made clear to us at Hub City Fellowship that there is a need for us to exist right from the start.  God did this through a very simple statement spoken to our Pastor Jason’s heart – “What is one of the most important parts of the body?” God asked.  “The Heart.”  A lung can collapse, an arm can be lost, you can be deaf and so much more but, without the heart the body cannot function.

The heart of Lubbock is bleeding out and it will seep into the rest of Lubbock.  We need heart surgery and if we do not take action there will be a large generation and area that does not know Jesus.

Hub City exists so that the neighbors we have met, and the many others we have not met, may know Christ.  We have moved into their neighborhood (sounds similar to Jesus) and are taking action.