Plan Your Visit

Visiting a new church can be intimidating — trust us, we’ve been there! We created this page to make your first visit to Hub City Fellowship a great, simple experience.

Meet our team before joining us!

Please note that, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are heavily encouraging the use of face masks during our in-person worship services. For more information on what we’re doing to protect you and your family during this time, please click here. Please check our social media channels for information about closures.

Hub City Fellowship is home to people from every part of the faith journey: from those who are new to faith and the Church, to those who have been walking with the Lord for decades. So, wherever you are, know that you’re not alone on your path.


When and where does Hub City Fellowship meet?

We gather for worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. inside the basement of the Texas Tech Wesley Foundation, located at 2420 15th Street. We encourage you to arrive around 10:15 to allow time for parking, refreshments, and to meet some of our current attendees.


Where should I park?

We invite first-time guests to park in the parking lot directly to the east of the Texas Tech Wesley Foundation building. Otherwise, we make use of a parking lot on the Texas Tech University campus. This parking lot is across University Avenue from our location. Keep an eye out for signs indicating where to park.

We kindly request that you avoid using the parking lot of St. John’s United Methodist Church, whose building is directly across 15th Street from us.


How do I enter the building?

On Sundays, we will have a sign on the sidewalk (on 15th Street) pointing toward some stairs headed down to the basement. The basement is our meeting space. Please make your way down the stairs. If you (or someone with whom you are visiting) are physically handicapped, please message us prior to your visit, and we will make sure the elevator and an alternate entrance are available for your use.

Where do my kids go?

While we invite families to worship together, we also provide a space during worship for children to be kids while being among the whole body of Christ.


What does a worship service look like at Hub City Fellowship?

  • When you arrive, we invite you to stop by the welcome booth for information about everything Hub City offers, and to fill out a name tag so we know who you are. This is also a great place to meet some of our current attendees.
  • To the left of the welcome booth is our refreshment area, and we typically offer a variety of breakfast foods, water, and coffee. Help yourself to whatever you’d like!
  • As you walk in, we’ll have music playing up to the start of the service. At 10:30, we play a video meant to invite our congregation to take their seats. When that video is finished, a member of our leadership team will begin the service with a greeting and announcements.
  • We then transition to a period of contemporary-style worship in music led by our worship team. We invite you to worship however you see fit, be it sitting, standing, or kneeling. (We also have plenty of space if you feel like dancing!)
  • After worship through song, a member of our prayer team will pray over our congregation and worship service. However, it’s not unheard of for our congregation to gather around a member (or a few people) in our congregation and pray over them (with their permission). You’re more than welcome to join in as you feel led, or you may remain seated.
  • We will then transition to a 20 to 30-minute sermon, which is typically given by one of our pastors (however, we also open our pulpit to guest preachers and members of our leadership team). Regardless of who’s preaching on any given Sunday, we strive to always offer biblically based teaching meant to challenge and encourage Christians in their faith.
  • After the sermon, we will offer another time of worship through song. This is a time to worship, or to respond to the sermon through prayer. Members of our prayer team will be available during this time should you require someone to speak with.
  • At some point in the service, we will also offer a brief time of giving. This is a time for anyone to give to God anything they feel led to give. We do not expect or request that guests donate financially. At your seat, you’ll find an envelope and card, which can be used to submit prayer requests and any offering you may feel led to give. Those envelopes and cards can be turned into our offering basket, which will typically be made available at the front of the room. Monetary offering that we receive is poured right back into the four communities Hub City was founded to serve: the Heart of Lubbock, Tech Terrace, the Overton neighborhood, and Texas Tech University.

With all that being said, our worship services are subject to change! Every now and then, we like to step away from our typical worship routine, which we will announce beforehand on our social media channels. Usually, these breaks from our worship routine will look like prayer walks or service projects around the neighborhoods we serve, an extended time of prayer & music, or a time of sharing testimonies.

We look forward to seeing you! If you would like to let us know you will be joining us for worship, we would be honored to keep an eye out for you — just email